Tranquil Paths - Cosán Ciúin

Ogham Trees

Native Ogham Woodland

Being the daughter of a forester and growing up surrounded by trees, one of my dreams was to have all the Native Ogham Trees here on the land. There were many mature trees here - Ash, Wild Cherry, Sycamore, Holly, Birch, Hazel, Elder to name a few. During the winter of 2013-2014, two hundred native trees were planted in a field which I’ve always called the ‘Tree Field’. The planting continued with 50 pines arriving out of the blue, shortly followed by 100 oaks. Shortly after, dear friends gifted me saplings of oak and willow grown from the seed of some of the oldest trees here in Ireland. A neighbour regularly leaves bare-root trees on my doorstep. In February 2017 we participated in the 'One Million Trees in One Day Project', with a group planting over 200 more trees. Trees somehow find their way here and I smile as in the past I’ve had a vision of trees walking onto the land surrounding me. The Woodland Grove is still in its infancy but I look forward to watching the trees grow and mature.