For as long as I can remember I have wanted to settle in a rural space, surrounded by trees, nature and wildlife. And in 2013 I moved to my new home in Leitrim – an old cottage and little patch of land in the North West of Ireland. The first few months were spent renovating the cottage. Every day I walked the land with Luna and Chara – at this point it was all very overgrown and it was even difficult to get through areas. Slowly and gently I got glimpses of what would happen on the land………..

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Cosán Ciúin is my home and living here has allowed me to re-connect with the land, nature and wildlife. I very much live in the flow of the seasons. It has given me the gift of remembering who I am and that everything is connected. My wish is that all who visit here will find their own sense of connection and step confidently yet gently on this earth in sure knowledge of who they are.

I have a great love of all creatures. I share my home with two dogs, Luna and Chara, who moved here with me. Ash and Willow, two cats, arrived in September 2013. And in 2018, 4 rescued hens moved into Hen Henge!  We're delighted to have Esme, Gytha, Tiff and Eske free- ranging around Cosán Ciúin. There is an abundance of wild creatures living here also. I’ve been visited by badgers, deer, hares and pine-marten. Magpies are living in an old ash. The outhouses are home to many swallows – I love seeing their spring return. I have bats in the eaves. The cuckoo can be heard calling in early summer. And of course there are many more animals and birds.

Cosán Ciúin

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